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Reflecting Independently:

1. Identify a belief or two about education that you are considering for your research paper:

2. Where did you develop this belief?

  • developed in this class, or 
  • expanded through class, or 
  • confirmed about education in class;

3. What have you already blogged about this belief? 


    Working in your CLE groups:

    1. Discuss how you became aware of this belief; (Take turns letting everyone share before moving on)
    2. Relate the belief to a lived experience; (Again, take turns letting everyone share)

    3. Who else deals with this belief?

    • Perhaps a reading in class or some other source?
    • What is his or her discussion, point of view, analysis, and conclusions?

    4. Assess your belief openly in your group. What is the assessment of the belief? Good, bad and why?

    5. What have you already blogged about this belief?


    Let's go around the room.  

    Everyone names their belief(s).  Please limit your comments to no more than two (2) sentences)


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